Колумбия Поездка: с 18 по 29 ноября (день -1)

Колумбия Поездка: с 18 по 29 ноября (день -1)

Вторник, 18 ноября 2008 г.

As is my tradition now, a photograph of my things pre-bag. You know, just in case I forget something while I’m gone I can at least have a picture of it for memory. (Ahh, my used pair of New Balance shoes, I had so many good memories of you).

Anyways, I’m heading out tonight and will be arriving in Bogotá tomorrow. Check back beginning tomorrow and throughout the next 10 days or so for daily updates, pictures and video from the trip. Oh yeah, apparently there’s nowhere in New York City that carries Colombian Pesos for exchange. What’s up with that? And they say this city has everything . . .

Hasta luego.

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